Which do u Ship w/ Sungyeol ? xD


I just drank a couple of mouthfuls of orange squash cordial (double strength)…that was not a good decision.

Fuck, my tea.
me approximately an hour after every time I make tea (via madopiano)

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the two main reasons i like pairings with height differences

  • the shorter of the two pulling the taller down into a kiss
  • the taller of the two lifting the shorter to kiss them
  • the taller one accidentally elbowing the shorter one in the face
  • the shorter one elbowing him back in the crotch

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"you are a girl you shouldnt like this video game"


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sleeping babies

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“”I can find you a doll from a cheap legit company that you may like just as much!” No bitch, if I want a recast, I’ll get one. If I wanted a ugly piece of shit doll from a cheap company, I would have already did it. But cheaper companies have ugly as shit dolls and don’t tell me otherwise.”

— #1827

Yeah…because dolls from cheaper companies are ugly… -__-

He cost me like $280 (that included his default faceup back then) which I think is on the cheaper end for an SD size doll…

-__- Seriously…